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At Detail Bike Tech, your passion for cycling meets our expertise in bespoke bike builds. Led by Rich Steels, a professional race mechanic with years of experience, we specialise in creating custom bikes that are not just means of transportation but extensions of your personality and performance desires.


Hello there! 👋 My name is Rich, and I’m a cycling mechanic with a keen eye for detail, based in the picturesque village of Holbrook, Derbyshire.

With over two decades of experience in the cycling industry, I’ve honed my skills and am thrilled to now offer bespoke custom builds for discerning clients. Whether you’re seeking performance, aesthetics, or a blend of both, I’m here to bring your dream bike to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and precision.

I have used Rich since my local bike shop closed down and have been really pleased with the service I have had. My bike has never run better and Rich has always given great advice when I needed some technical help. I have a new bike on order for next summer and Rich will definitely be helping me to look after it. More than happy to endorse Detail Bike Tech.


Rich is a first class bike mechanic.  Fun the simplest of jobs, to stripping and rebuilding a ceased fork (that suspension experts would tell you is beyond repair).

He knows exactly what you doing with all mechanical issues and you can be  complete confident in his work.

Harvey Greensmith

Rich provided a detailed report of the servicing work required on my bike, provided options for parts to fit my budget, ordered the parts in and I was back on the trails nice and fast. He managed to mend my suspension control lever without having to replace it which saved money too. When I collected it, it looked brand sparkling new as well due to a complementary clean. After my last crash I was back on the road for less than £100 which I thought was astonishing value given that I had snapped my hanger and knackered my rear mech and cables. Thanks for great service Rich.

Matt Robbins

I cannot recommend Rich enough. For someone that loves to ride bikes but really struggles with the technical and mechanical Rich is a real saviour. He even takes the time to try and explain.

I have lost count the amount of work Rich has done on my bikes now the work has always been exceptional. Further more Rich will always try and fit you in as soon as he can where possible as he appreciates people just want to ride their bikes.

Great customer service, exceptional work.

Paul Donald

Custom Build Process

1. Consultation Share your vision with us during an in-depth consultation session.

2. Design & Selection Supply your frame, choose components, and customisation options from us.

3. Build Watch as your dream bike comes to life, built by a pro race mechanic.

4. Final Touches Custom paint and design available (design work paid in advance), and final adjustments to make sure everything is perfect.

5. DeliveryYour bespoke bike is ready to hit the road, trail or race track.

Custom Build Process

To begin, contact us through our website or phone number to schedule your initial consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your needs, preferences, and vision for your custom bike.

A custom build is tailored to your specific measurements, riding style, and aesthetic preferences, ensuring a perfect fit, optimized performance, and a unique design that stands out from mass-produced models.

The construction of bike can take anywhere from 3-5 hours with some more complex bikes taking up to 10 hours.

Absolutely! We encourage clients to be part of the selection process for all components, from the frame to the smallest details, ensuring your bike is precisely what you’ve envisioned.

Yes, we offer a warranty on craftsmanship and materials for all our custom builds. This covers the quality of our work and the materials we use for the frame and build assembly. Specific warranty details regarding the craftsmanship and materials will be provided during the consultation and outlined in your build agreement. Additionally, all individual components used in your custom bike build come with their own manufacturer warranties. We advise checking directly with the manufacturers for specific warranty information on components such as derailleurs, wheels, and brakes.

Prices vary widely based on frame materials, components, and customization options. Custom builds can start from a base price and increase based on your selections. We’ll provide a detailed quote after your initial consultation.

Yes, one of the highlights of a custom build is the option for custom paint and graphics. We work with talented artists and frame painters to bring your design ideas to life.

Changes can be accommodated within the early stages of the build process. However, significant changes may affect the timeline and cost of your build. We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

We offer servicing and support for any adjustments or repairs you may need in the future.

Bike sizing by uk bike fit

Choosing the correct frame size is crucial to ensuring your custom bike not only fits you perfectly but also provides the utmost comfort and performance. While we can recommend frame size, it’s important to understand that this would be an educated guess at best.

For a decision as significant as this, especially when investing in a custom build, we highly recommend utilising the professional services of UK Bike Fit located in Matlock. We’ve enjoyed working alongside Dan at UK Bike Fit for many years. His expertise in bike fitting is unparalleled, and he offers a pre-purchase sizing service that we cannot recommend enough. This service is invaluable, ensuring that you’re investing in the correct size frame, which is fundamental when you’re spending a substantial amount on a custom bike.

It’s not just about the frame size; the correct sizing will also influence other bike components, such as the saddle, handlebars, stem, and even the crank length—any factor that affects your bike fit.

To make sure your custom bike build is as perfect as it can be, we strongly advise booking a sizing consultation with UK Bike Fit. You can visit their site here to book your sizing. This way, when it comes time to build your dream bike, we’re all confident that it’s tailored perfectly to you, ensuring the best possible riding experience.

Remember, the right fit doesn’t just enhance comfort; it significantly improves performance and efficiency, making your custom-built bike a true extension of yourself.

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