invisiframe and Ridewrap

Utilising Invisiframe and RideWrap protection to wrap your frame or forks protecting it from the elements and helping to keep it looking good for longer. For used frames, the preparation takes longer so these are charged on a case by case basis. 

invisiframe Fork kits from £21.99
invisiframe Wrapping by detail bike tech from £40

  • Protects your investment (and pride and joy)
  • It helps maintain a high re-sell price
  • It takes the worry away of those little chips and scuffs, knowing they’re not damaging your frames paintwork

In the same way that supercars get wrapped straight from the factory, applying invisiframe to your bike’s frame will ensure the resell value is maintained while you own the bike. When you come to sell your bike, you can either remove the wrap or keep it on for the next owner. 

It’s also attractive to the next buyer knowing you’ve applied invisiframe; it shows you’ve cared for the bike, and they’ll know that the paintwork under the invisiframe is perfect.

Yes, let me know ahead of time which bike you have and the size and whether you’d like a gloss or matt finish. I’ll then order you invisiframe or RideWrap to ensure it’s ready for when you bring your bike in.

See the full range of kits here:

They have kits for most MTBs and some gravel / road bikes. Please see the full list over on their website here and here 

Bike not listed? No problem – get in touch.

Yes, but please contact me with the details and I can provide more details.

Yes but it is dependant on the condition of the frame which in turn will affect the total cost of the job. All bikes need to be super clean prior to wrapping to prevent any specs of dirt finding their way under the wrap, even a clean used bike will harbour some specs of dirt somewhere that will find it’s way on to the wrap during the wrapping process. Some bikes with paint scratches can be polished out if they are gloss and we work closely with a local custom spray painter if any paint corrections are needed

Yes but it depends on how bad. Most scratches can be polished out prior to wrapping. Deep scratches and chips however can leave air pockets in the wrap and if near the edge of a panel, the panel will eventually will fill with dirt, lose adhesion and come away. If your frame is badly scratched, we do work with a local spray painter who can address paint issues at an additional cost

Yes, however there is always a potential the removal of the old wrap can lift the paint and we can not take responsibility for this.

invisiframe Derby
invisiframe Belper
invisiframe Ripley
invisiframe Ashbourne